new beginnings

I’m about to begin my second project for this semester.  My final one.  Everything else is re-do projects, and compiling the pieces for my portfolio.  I’m thinking this one will be similar to my collection based on superstitions.  I want to use fantastical imagery; so the first thing that came to mind was dreams.  I’m unsure as to whether this will stay on that subject, or if it will branch off into something else…but as of right now that’s the sort of inspiration I’m searching for.  I’ve found a website that I’m going to use as my starting point.

I’ve been doing the “365 project” [my version = 1 self portrait + 1 journal entry per day] for 3 years now.  The first year didn’t go that well; I ended up deleting a lot of the pictures. The second year went well; once it became routine…it wasn’t difficult to include in my day.  The third year went very well; everything became more honest.  Sometime this month my 4th year would have begun.  I say would have; because I am about 5 months behind where I am supposed to be.  All the pictures were taken, all the journal entries were written…but when I bought a new laptop last summer…somehow when I was moving my files from my old computer; those pictures were lost.  So here I am now, on day 231…round 3 of the 365 project.


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