I worked on my design project today before I had to go to work.  It’s coming together pretty quickly…(basically needs to be done by Monday) but it is coming together fairly well.  I drew some ideas, decided what I’m going forward with; then I went crazy making samples. I think I made 2 or 3 samples for each look! I should have made my portfolio larger…8.5 x 11″  is a bit challenging since I include so many samples on each project…BUT better to have to condense things than to try to fill up a bunch of white space.

I think the sample making is my favorite step. I enjoy drawing too…but seeing something in 3d is so much different…illustrations are harder to visualize as they will be in final fabrics.

I was sitting on the floor surrounded by fabric, yarn, and embroidery thread…and I was loving it.  I had so much fun!  I didn’t have specific direction so each sample kind of came together on it’s own; as it was being made.

That yellow thing with eyes is an owl…I found that AWESOME print at StoneMountain & Daughter in Berkeley yesterday.  I bought it with myself in mind, I saw it as a lining to a shoulder bag…but I absolutely had to use it for this project.  I bought plenty of it though…so it will still be used in something for myself!


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