17 days…

That really isn’t a very long time, is it?  Wow, time passed really quickly this semester!  17 days until I fly out of California, across the country for a job interview…I am extremely excited about this opportunity I’ve been given.  I hope so much that something will come of it.  17 days to prepare for that; and 14 days to complete my portfolio.  Wow!  That is really soon.  Once that’s complete….there will be little over a month until I graduate.  I can’t believe in less than two months, I will be done with college.  I’ve been in school for so long, that seems crazy.  It’s happening so fast now.

In just about a month, the fashion show will be happening at school as well.  I am excited to see the collections my classmates have been creating.  I got to see the beginning process in Design and CDFP [construction/draping/flat pattern] last semester…but since I’m only taking one class this semester…a class that is by Pier 39; nowhere near 180 New Montgomery….I haven’t been able to see everything come together for them.  The fashion shows are always awesome and inspiring…but this time will be so much more, for me personally…since the people showing are classmates of mine that I went through the fashion program with.  I can’t imagine the stress they must be under right now as the deadline approaches; but I am going to be so proud of them when I get to see their work go down the runway.  I can’t wait.


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