My cat Max was resting on my bed today so I took some pictures and felt like taking a trip down memory lane…he’s about 8 months old now.  He was a stray in our backyard that had been abandoned…I’m pretty certain he was the runt of the litter.  He was tiny, but bloated from having worms….he was infested with fleas, and he was alone and crying, hiding underneath a pile of wood.

He’s a mix of Siamese and Manx.  He has no tail.

He’s been a handful since day one; he loves to attack.  Since being neutered he’s calmed down a lot; but he still has moments where he randomly latches onto my arm.  When he was small, he loved to get tangled up in my hair…which was a bit more painful than fun for me.  He loves to go places where he’s not supposed to be.  He is smarter than I ever expected him to be.  He’s figured out my tricks.  I used to be able to coax him back into my room…I can’t really do it anymore…he knows what I’m up to.  Anytime the front door opens, he’s eager to greet whoever is about to come in.  He doesn’t like being by himself, he follows me around a lot…if I leave my room he runs right behind me.

About a month after I took him in, his mom came back to our backyard.  She hangs out there pretty much daily now.  It’s obvious that she is his mom…but at the same time, she looks so different.  She’s covered in spots, and has a normal…cat tail.  Max has one obvious spot…and large orange spots on his back but the orange ones are a bit less noticeable.

I remember when I was able to hold him with one hand, I can’t believe at one point he was that tiny.


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