one more sleep…

Bright and early tomorrow morning, I’m heading to the airport!  I’ll be in the air for the majority of the day, luckily I got a window seat on both flights! I have pretty much everything packed, everything else I still need in the morning so that will be packed at that time.

I feel pretty ready, not really nervous at all…at this point. I’m sure it will hit me soon, but tomorrow is an easy day. Flying over there, and then just hanging out in the hotel for the rest of the evening.

I’m trying to figure out what I should bring on the flight with me. I have my notebook, so I can write….my ipod of course (need to make a new playlist), my camera for pointing out the window….except I think we’ll be flying through some major thunderstorms…so probably won’t see a thing. Other than that….not too sure. I may just end up sleeping…the first flight is 5 hours though…so I want to make sure I have a few options!

Well I should go double check everything, and get to sleep soon! Early early morning….


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