now; the waiting game

I have to wait until next week until I know whether there is a job offer for me or not.  That’s going to be one of the scariest calls I’ll of ever received.  I’m optimistic at this point, but I wonder if I really should be?

Well either way; the trip itself was awesome and I had a lot of fun.  I was blown away by everything I saw and learned…and it was not at all what I had expected going into it.

Day One:

2 flights + time difference = 8:30am – 8:30 pm….arrive, eat, sleep.

Day Two:

I walked around downtown Columbus for a little bit in the morning.  It’s really nice there…so open and clean.

Lunch! We were given two $5 vouchers to get whatever we wanted at this place.  I got a Stromboli….so yummy.  The cashier at that stand was very nice as well….he wished me luck with my interview.

After this, we went on a tour of Columbus…then headed to the home office for tours and Q&A time.  It was awesome to see how everything worked, and all the design spaces, samples everywhere….ahhh it was just amazing.

We then headed back to Columbus to a restaurant where we had a cocktail hour and got to speak with designers and ask about their experience with the company and such.  Then we headed inside to our assigned tables and had a delicious dinner.  We ate really well that night!

Day Three:

Interviews!  We each had three…one with an HR person, two with designers.  I felt pretty good about how I did…I was as relaxed as I could be.  They were quick and painless…nothing too intense. We were given lunch and then dropped back off at the airport!

Another long day of flying, but this time I decided to have some drinks on the plane.  The flight attendant was very nice and since it was his first time making the drink I requested….he gave me the three I had for free. For that flight (Columbus to LA) I got to sit next to my friend Alice, so that long flight went by a bit quicker. : )  From LA to SFO….I was completely knocked out.

I was expecting my mom to pick me up from the airport but was surprised to see both my mom and my dad there waiting for me!  That was nice, I got to tell them about my time in Ohio…before I passed out on the drive home.  It was after midnight by this point so I was pretty exhausted.

So now…we wait.  In a week I may be looking for an apartment…or I may be looking for other jobs.  We will see what happens!


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