moving forward

I got the call yesterday morning and there was not a job offer for me.  That was a huge blow and I was really upset, but I had things to do so I kept busy.  I went to school to pick up my cap and gown (thinking I want to exchange the gown for a longer size, though) and then we had to meet at the tent where the fashion show will be tonight.  I was pretty surprised at how much of a waste that was.  They’d said they were going to walk us through and show us everything we needed to know for the event…so I was expecting to know how it was going to go down tonight.  Well….they had us sit down where they want us to sit..and basically then said “ok, those of you who are not doing collection and who are not getting awards….you can go”.

So tonight…I have no idea where we’ll be set up for the static show (portfolio show before the fashion show), I have no idea what my table looks like, where I will be situated…I have no idea WHEN the people will be walking through.  All I know is I need to be there at 3:30 and then the fashion show itself is at 7pm.  So I guess we will figure it out as we go.

I’m all ready, my portfolio is together, my takeaway items are completed.  I have extra copies of my resume.  So here’s hoping that tonight goes very well.  I would be so ecstatic if I was one that was chosen for an internship from the companies that are going to be there tonight.  There’s one company in-particular that I am very interested in; I hope I will get a chance to speak with them, and that they will see something in me and my work worth pursuing.

Whether that’ll happen or not, I don’t know.  But I have my best work, I’ve put together a really nice little package to give away.  This is my best foot forward, absolutely…so I hope that will pay off and I will be given a chance.

I have to leave home in about an hour to catch the Bart train.  My portfolio is HUGE, because I have so many samples for each project.  I had to separate it into two books!  And my takeaway items are in individual boxes…so this will be fun carrying all this stuff around.


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