something new

I bought this today.  I had a Best Buy gift card from Christmas and decided to just go for it…I’ve been wanting a little video camera for awhile.  I’ve used the video setting on my digital camera…and I’ve used the webcam on my laptop but obviously the quality of those isn’t going to be that great.

It was on sale and normally I don’t like Kodak products but it seems really good.  It can do HD video and still images…and has lot’s of neat effects.  I was planning on just buying one of those Flip ones but in person I wasn’t too thrilled when I messed around with that one.

Not exactly sure what I will capture with this…I’ve done video blogs a few times, and there will probably be a few of my cat…but whatever.

Now that my portfolio is finished, and I graduate in 3 weeks…I’m going to try to go out more and get back to doing what I love most; and that’s exploring.  And with this little guy, I’ll have a whole new way to document everything.


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