preparations for the end

On Monday, I went to Japantown in San Francisco with some friends.  We did the purikura photos…so much fun! Had lunch, did a little shopping…and check out these crepes….SO adorable!!  And just as tasty.

Afterward, we had to go to school for a bit for a graduation meeting.  Then off to Starbucks, and the mall to look for shoes.  I wasn’t able to find any (I found a cute pair of wedge sandals at DSW this afternoon), but I did find really cute rings at Edition by Banana Republic. You layer them…so cool.

The big day is approaching at lightning speed now and it is beginning to become sad.  I hate endings, and I hate goodbyes.  A lot of people are moving away very soon, and I am staying behind.  The city won’t be the same without school.  It will be quite sad to go there now…without a “home base” and without the familiar faces that I saw week after week for the past 3 years. </3


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