My mom bought me a magazine from Joann’s the other day…all about softies.  It was super inspirational…and I used to sew little plushies all the time…I haven’t for so long now…since before I started at AAU.  I made a pile of fabrics I liked…picked out what shape I wanted my little guy to be…and started cutting away.  I started it yesterday and completed it tonight…all in all it didn’t take too long.  I didn’t make a pattern or anything, which led to his feet being different sizes…but that’s ok!  It adds to his character…I say.

Originally he was going to be holding a book, because I love to read and I wanted him to be a smart little guy…but then I had a “duh” moment.  He had to be holding a camera, of course!  The plan is for him to sit in my car, and the proper companion for me on my trips is someone who is also adventurous, and loves to take pictures.  So I made him a little camera…strap and all.  And hanging off of that is a key with the word “Journey” on it.  Perfect!  Because exploration is all about the journey, right?  Right!


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