california state fair

Last Saturday my mom and I went to the state fair, in Sacramento.  We spent a lot of time looking at different artwork, and roaming around in the livestock area.

After this we went on the hunt for food.  I went determined to eat weird things.  My mom got some charbroiled corn and I stopped at the exotic “are you wild enough?” stand, and decided to try the alligator on a stick.  It was chewy and pretty bland.  Onward we went!  Next stop…the “everything deep fried” stand.  My mom got the peanut butter cups, while I stuck with the oreos.  I’ve been wanting to try deep fried snacks for awhile now…it didn’t live up to my expectations…but I still love oreos so all is good.

Before we left I wanted to go walk through the area with all the games and rides to get some pictures.  Being with my mom, I didn’t go on any rides myself…but they did look pretty fun.


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