carmel by the sea

Sunday and Monday of this week, I got to go to Carmel with my friends Amanda and Jessica to celebrate Amanda’s birthday.  Carmel is one of my favorite places on the California coast to begin with, but being there with friends made it even better.  I’ve never really gotten to enjoy the beach there or the shops because when I’m by myself…I tend to just go for photos and that’s it.

We got there and had a good lunch, then headed to some shops and to the Mission.

After this, we checked into our room and relaxed for a bit then hit up the beach!  It was beautiful, the sun was beginning to go down.  Jessica and I built a shark in the sand…which quite a few people stopped to admire!  Even a dog that showed his appreciation by peeing on it.

The whole fairytale charm of this place is what resonates with me so much.  If you walk down any street, you’ll see magical little cottages with fantastical names, hearts cut into fences, unicorn address plaques, old-time street lamps, pictures of knights, etc etc.  It’s everything I love packed into one small little area on the coast.  Since the very first time I visited; I decided that if I’m ever proposed to…I want it to happen here.

Day two, we had breakfast and went to Target to get some beach stuff and back we went.  This time Jessica and I built a likeness of Amanda in the sand.  Afterward, a woman walking by asked me if she needed to rescue someone buried in the sand.  We must have done a good job making it lifelike.

I also drew some stuff in the sand.

After staying long enough to get a horrendous sunburn, we headed home!  Spray sunscreen just doesn’t cut it for me, I’m terrible at putting it on.  Half of my legs are burnt, while there are splotches with no burn…my arms are fine but my back is so so bad.  I have learned my lesson…I’ve been trying to hide from the sun for the past couple of days…hopefully I can quit doing that soon.


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