For the past two months I was actively pursuing a position within a certain company.  I did all I could to make sure that I would be noticed, and I was.  I was given an initial phone interview and asked to do a project specific to the brand.  I did so, and was quite happy with the outcome.  I put a lot of work into it…it was almost completely hand done….except for the flats (technical drawings)…it was.  I was excited to send it to them and see what they thought.  I was confident enough that I expected to hear back that they wanted me to go to their home office for a second interview.

Earlier in the week I heard back, and got the rejection I wasn’t supposed to get.  Tonight I came home and my project had been shipped back.  It was sitting on the counter waiting for me.  I pulled it out, and went through it page by page one more time.

I was given reasoning for why I was not selected…but the reasoning left me a bit confused.  I was told it was the illustrations, but nothing was mentioned at all about the designs themselves.  I’m a designer, not an illustrator…and in the corporate world it’s the flats that matter.

Looking through everything again tonight; I discovered that there wasn’t one single thing I would change if I could go back.  I still see their brand so strongly in what I designed for them….even the girl that I drew…I based her off of their own models. So I was left wondering…what went wrong?  I don’t think it had as much to do with the project, as it had to do with me.  I don’t always make the best first impression.  I get nervous when I have job interviews, and it’s not something I can easily hide.  I have a hard time talking about myself and why I would be more worthwhile than another applicant.

At the end of the day, I can say that I did the very best I could…and if I’m happy with the work I did…well then that’s it.  And it’s probably better that I didn’t get the chance to fly out for another interview…because facing rejection at that stage would of been a repeat of what I just went through already.

So, here’s to striving forward.


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