blue hair & a bento box

Two things I got last week: blue in my hair, and a bento box (Shaped like a giant Lego…amazing) that I’d ordered online.

I used the bento box for the first time today at work.  It looks quite small, but it actually holds a lot!  It’s two layers, and underneath the lid is a spot for your chopsticks.  I’m going with really simple things right now, making leftovers work….but I bought a recipe book that I’d like to play with at somepoint.  Todays lunch:

Rice, chicken nuggets, carrots, and spinach.  The containers are microwavable…so I actually mixed everything together in the bottom…and it was very tasty!  I had some pieces of butter mixed in there as well.  I quite dislike cooked veggies, so I surprised myself that I really enjoyed this…even the spinach.  It seems it’s going to be a good way for me to make myself eat healthier, and control my portion sizes.  Normally for lunch at work…I have a sleeve of crackers.  I’m so used to just grabbing whatever I can in the morning, so actually preparing lunches in advance should be a good thing.

This is tomorrows lunch.  Ramen noodles mixed with egg and chicken…plus granola, cheese slices, oyster crackers, and spinach.


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