marine mammal center

Located in the Marin headlands, this place is a hospital for marine mammals.  I saw an ad in 7×7 magazine for an exhibit on display called “Washed Ashore”…it features sculptures of sea life made completely of garbage and debris picked up along the beach.

Admission is free!  So of course, I was all over this.  All I could think straight away was “wow….the amount of garbage in these is astounding, and it’s beautiful.”  They took something so dirty and harmful to our oceans, and made it into something awesome.

This turtle one had to be my favorite.

Various close-ups:

Once I left here, I went back to the Golden Gate Bridge…it was being consumed by the clouds so I parked and wandered around.

Sorry Golden Gate Bridge, I still prefer the good old Bay Bridge western span over you.

It’d probably save a bunch of lives if they just left the fencing up…or it would at least deter people from choosing this bridge for their final exit strategy.

And for my favorite picture of the day!!  It’s pretty silly, but not a surprise if you know me : )  A few of my all time favorite things: graffiti, monster, drawing, and most of all…reference to Nessie which is a reference to beloved Scotland…I will make it there one day, I promise promise.


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