yes, that says bangladesh

Things have gotten interesting in the past couple of weeks…I put my notice in at work, and in 30 days I am moving abroad.  I’ve been offered a 3 month long internship in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  I emailed my resume to the company before I graduated in May, just looking for more information.  I heard nothing so I quickly forgot all about it as I was moving on applying for jobs and doing another internship in San Francisco.  Out of the blue, I got an email asking for examples of my work and my resume once again…and within days; there was an offer extended to me.

I’ve spent some time researching online, and actually found a blog by a girl who is interning there right now…so I was able to see a bit of what I will be walking into.  This opportunity is so much bigger than anything I had expected or hoped for.  I will be given a stipend, a local cell phone, housing, transportation, etc etc.  Pretty much everything is taken care of.

I’m in the process of getting my visa, vaccinations, canceling insurance policies, figuring out my cell phone so I’ll be able to call the states still, etc and so forth.

As someone who has never stepped foot off of American ground, there was a whole surge of emotion that came with everything.  I’m a ball of nerves anytime I go somewhere new or meet new people, so I am relieved that there will be two other girls arriving within days of me.  Hopefully we get the chance to explore Dhaka and learn about our new home, together.

I’m excited to learn more about the world and see things I’ve never been exposed to before.  I’m terrified but also excited to step out on my own for this journey.  I think it will be a huge learning experience, professionally and personally.


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