first bengali weekend

I had a very low-key weekend…yesterday I just hung around the house, and slept quite a bit. Today I got up and did some laundry…and for the first time ever I had to hang everything to dry! In the afternoon, Jothi and I watched tv. We learned about saw sharks, Ikea, and a Caribbean cruise. We’d talked about going to the market to get supplies so I could bake cookies, but her friend ended up calling so we went over to his place to watch a movie. He’s a full time employee for Beximco, and oh my goodness…his apartment looks like a palace! We were both in shock at how nice it was. I got to play with his kitten for a little bit…reminded me of my fat cat Max when he was a baby…she kept biting me but she wasn’t as aggressive as Max was at that age, so it didn’t hurt me. We watched a Hindi movie, my first one! Thankfully it had subtitles so I actually knew what was going on.

I enjoyed it, it had a very “feel good” plot, and the locations were beautiful (it’s set in Spain).  Afterward, we each had a go at Guitar Hero and I was quite bad!  We headed back home after that and now I’m just getting ready for bed and gearing up for my first day of work tomorrow!

Even though I’ve moved to a totally different time zone, my body still wants me to sleep by 10 pm and wake up by 6 or 7 am.  I’ve worked early shifts for so long that no matter where I am my body is trained to wake up early!


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