I just learned this word today; it basically means strike.  There is supposed to be a country-wide hartal tomorrow, which means businesses all shut down.  Apparently it can get dangerous, as people throw rocks at cars and whatnot…so you’re supposed to stay home.  I just went to HR to turn in my orientation report (I finished all the tours yesterday), and the head of HR was saying that we may not have work until Tuesday of next week…which sounds awesome right now; except that we have to make up all those days, which would mean working 11 days in a row.

No emails have been sent out yet, so that’s what we are waiting on for final confirmation…and then I guess we’ll see what ends up happening and if it ends early or not.

In regards to finishing my orientation…yesterday I didn’t have to do it alone.  My new roommate Ritah got to come along with me.  It was mostly office visits, talking about merchandising, costing, planning, etc…but we also went to the sewing factory.  It was 5 floors…all dedicated to JCPenney.  It’s all done in assembly lines…we walked through the line that was creating button down shirts.  It was amazing how fast the process went.  There is one person for each step, so there is one person dedicated to sewing the placket, one for the button holes, one for the buttons, one for the pocket flap, and so forth.  I was equally as amazed as I was sad for the workers.  It is not a sweatshop, these are paid workers with breaks and there are no children anywhere to be seen.  But they are each given one job and that’s what they do for 8 hours, 5 days a week.  I can’t imagine how boring that would get…and there were supervisors standing around everywhere.  The machinery itself was amazing, the most interesting one I saw was the one that made shirt collars pointy at the ends.

I’ve been eating an insane amount of rice, at home and at work.  We get free lunch in the guesthouse here, and it’s always some kind of rice with sides of vegetables, and chicken/beef.  The BEST part of lunch here is the ice cream!  It’s real ice cream and it’s so yummy, it always has chocolate chunks in it. I am going to eat that every day. Ritah and I are planning on having the same meals at home so we don’t each have to each figure out what to eat and so the cook only has to make one meal…and so we can split the cost for the groceries.  There is rice waiting for me at home tonight, but it sounds so good right now.  We will be leaving work soon hopefully, so I can get home to that and my Pringles.


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