three day weekend

Yesterday was a “watch tv & stay at home day”.  It’s funny because the English shows have subtitles….in English.  So I guess if you can’t understand spoken English, you’re supposed to understand written English?

This morning we had to say goodbye to Jothi!  She has finished her internship here.  She gave us each embroidered labels that she designed and had made for her coworkers.  She interned for Yellow, which is Beximco’s own clothing brand.  Isn’t it so cute!?

After the driver took her to the airport, he came back and took Ritah and I to the mall.  It’s a huge mall (8 floors), but everything was pretty much the same on all floors.  I was looking for some sandals and I found a few pairs that I liked but there is one problem…no sizes above 8.  WHAT!!?  I wear a 9-10, how is that supposed to work!?  7-8 was the largest size available in the stores we looked in.  Hopefully there will be some other shops elsewhere that carry my size.

The people in the mall stared at us.  Not the kind of way when you stare at someone secretly, and when they look toward you, you avert your eyes.  No, these people stare and stare and continue to stare even when they know you are aware of it.  People would pass by and turn around to look at us as they did.  It didn’t make us want to stay there for a long time.  The only time it did not bother me was when we were outside waiting for our driver to pick us up…a little girl was watching us and she came up to us and said something in Bengali.  We said hi, smiled and she just smiled and was amazed by us.  Her grandmother was telling her why we were different, she pointed out my hair to her.  I don’t mind when the young children stare, because I know they are simply curious and haven’t seen anyone like me before.  When older kids or adults stare, it’s very uncomfortable because I feel so judged by them.

There was one store in the mall that I liked, it’s called Ecstasy.  They have more modern clothing and they were playing American music.  The associates were friendly and it was odd that they followed us as we browsed, but they spoke English so it wasn’t too bad.  The clothing was also a lot more expensive.  I bought one shirt and it was 1,500 Taka, which is about $20.  That’s not a bad price for a shirt in the US at all, but here everything is so much cheaper that, that is a high price.  I couldn’t pass it up, I have an eye for anything that is dorky and I am able to find it wherever I go!

On the drive home, we saw people selling things in the road.  That’s normal and we see it daily, but normally people sell popcorn, or fruit.  Today we saw inflatable guitars and mini furniture!  I don’t know who would be sitting in traffic thinking “You know what would be good right now? A chair for my dollhouse”…or “I’d really like an inflatable guitar right now so I could rock out!”

We got home at about 4 and at 7 we are heading out again.  We are going to Japanese food for a friends birthday, and afterward we are going to a party at the Nordic club.  That will be interesting!  I feel bad for our driver though…I’m not sure how far he lives from here…but he is just waiting until 7 for us to go down.  While we are at work, he stays there as well…he just has to sit in the car and wait for us to call basically.


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