Now that all of the plushie monsters I made are at their new homes, I can post a photo of them as a family/group!  They were very quick & easy to make, and it was fun to make each with it’s own personality…because of that, it didn’t get too boring remaking the same basic template.  Everyone is telling me I should sell these, so I think once I’m home…I may try to get back into online selling while I look for work.

I couldn’t tell you why I am so obsessed with monsters, I just think they are too cute…and I’ve always been into fairytales and things from storybooks.  One of my favorite artists is Arthur Rackham, whose work is basically dark fairytale-esque.  So automatically I love it.  Even though I’m far from home, I’ve still managed to make my room here represent me.  Exhibit A: My monster basket.

Here we have Norbert (aka Norby), Onion, and non-named bunny thing.  I am going to give it a Bengali name…I think I want to write a story about it as well when I’ve got some down time.  I feel like I should look into kidswear or toy design as well as womenswear…nothing I make turns out very “grown up”, everything is always cutesy or dorky.


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