Our new roommate arrived yesterday morning.  Her name is Melissa, and she’s from Georgia.  This morning, the three of us went to the American club to pick up Sarah…the other intern who doesn’t live with us.  We did some shopping at a couple of stores that were really nice.  I hadn’t brought a lot of money with me so I could only buy a couple of things…which is good because I would have spent so much in the first store if I could have!  I was able to buy myself a tunic which is really lovely…it’s the same style that the women wear here…it’s long and has slits up the sides.  The thing that sold me on it, was the detail on the back.  There is an elephant embroidered in the center.  I also bought a bag…it’ll be great for grocery shopping and it’s really nicely sized…I didn’t bring any large bags with me.

After we finished shopping, we ate lunch…at KFC!  Their portion sizes are funny, because they are correct!!  I got a regular fry, and small drink…and they were actually that size….not the jumbo-sized American version that’re called regular but are actually large.

We then headed back and we had seen a dvd store not far from home so we decided to walk there.  I spent 800 Taka on 5 movies, not bad.  They are all supposed to be master copies…I haven’t tried playing any yet though, so I’ll know then.  After we left there, we stopped at the grocery store and an antique store (I want to go back there when I have the money….really cool stuff), and the rest of the day was just spent cleaning and relaxing at home.


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