Thursday was the last day of Durga Puja (an annual Hindu festival), which meant we got the day off work.  My roommates and I went to Sonargaon that day.  It’s the ancient capital of the kingdom of Isa Khan.  It’s a whole city filled with ruins of this ancient place.  We only saw the main attraction though, which is the museum.  Right when we arrived, a crowd of people surrounded us…so we just followed the lead of Kaliq (our driver) to get in.  Only foreigners have to pay for admission…how about that?!

The buildings were really beautiful, and the artifacts were interesting…but very quickly…the three of us became the center of attention.  I’ve gotten used to the staring and can normally just ignore it…but this time people started following us.  One man asked us to take a picture with his wife, which was fine…but then we had a group of young guys following us and repeatedly asking to take pictures with us.  At this point we said no, and ended up having to dart around corners to try to get away from them…because they started taking pictures and video.  It became amusing because people would hold their cell phones up as discretely as they could, yet it was still obvious that they were taking pictures…so we started taking pictures back…and that’s when they’d decide to walk away because they didn’t like it!  I didn’t really mind people taking pictures of me as long as they weren’t right next to me, it was more awkward when they asked.

I waved at these guys to get them to wave back.  I really enjoy when the people here smile, especially the women…because I don’t see it that often.

It was interesting to experience what “paparazzi” feels like…I think I am quite boring and at home I just disappear into crowds so it is totally different to stand out and be someone of interest here!  I guess for once, I get to experience being exotic.

We’ve seen numerous babies with that black dot on their heads.  I thought they were birthmarks at first but since every child that had it…had it on the same side of their head…I googled it!  It’s kajal, which is makeup.  The purpose is to protect the child from buri nazar…which is like the evil eye.

Yesterday, we went to lunch at the American club which was amazing.  I got a bacon burger, yum!  Ham isn’t sold here, so bacon is a rarity.  Later that day, we went to a leather shop that is right near our house and we all placed orders for shoes.  I am having a pair of suede/leather sandals made, and a pair of leather boots…made just for my giant feet!  They should be done at the end of this month, I can’t wait to see how they come out.  We met some people for dinner last night at a Korean restaurant and went to a house party afterward.  Today we just slept, relaxed at home, got lunch, and went to the grocery store.  I bought cookie mix and attempted to make chocolate chip cookies tonight, but failed pretty badly.  The oven is weird and none of us could figure out how to change the temperature.  Whenever we moved the dial, it turned off…so it was stuck on one temperature.  The first half came out black in just 8 minutes, the second half came out cooked on the outside and almost raw on the inside.  I was going to make them from scratch but decided on a ready-made pack just because it was cheaper…SO glad I did that instead.

We are currently trying to decide on/plan a trip for November.  We’ll be getting about a week off, so we (the interns) are looking at either going to Nepal or Thailand.  We are all really excited for that.  I’m so glad that I’ve been given the opportunity to travel so much this year.  First Ohio, now Bangladesh, then Nepal or Thailand….I never thought I’d be given the chance to see these places!


2 thoughts on “sonargaon

  1. Really enjoyed your news and the pictures. Beautiful embroidery.
    It is amazing that you are given so much freedom to design and
    present your ideas. You can’t get that experience easily here.

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