responsibility in hand

I spend my work days in the building to the left.  That’s the design studio, and the building across the way is the sampling room where I have to run to every so often.  I will be spending more time in there now, because I’ve been given my first design project!  My boss had been gone, so today was the first time he was able to give me real work to do for his account.  I spent the day designing pants for the tween age bracket, for girls.  I’ve never designed for that age before so it was a challenge to find the line between too young/too old.  I think this will be good for me though, since my instructors would always tell me I was designing more for juniors instead of women.  I think it will give me more freedom since it’s more trendy and colorful, plus I can have more fun with it.  At the end of the day, I showed my boss what I’d done and he thought I had good ideas which was great and he then told me to pick my strongest 10 designs and start preparing them to have samples made!  I was not expecting that, I am nervous but so excited at the same time.

I think the best thing about this internship is that I will have real work to put into my portfolio, and also…the buyers for JCPenney will be here this month, so as long as my boss is pleased with what I have made…they may be shown to the buyers!  Which if everything went perfectly…my designs could end up in stores!  I have total freedom to do what I want as well; from choosing fabrics and colors to playing around with embroidery, printing, washing, finishings…all of it!!

I’m still learning how things are done in the company and where things are/who I need to talk to for each thing.  I feel a bit like I’ve been thrown into the deep end, but through this process of doing these samples…I will figure each step out and the next time around I will know the process.  That’s the main thing making me nervous…just not knowing where everything is/what I need to do.  Especially since you can’t just ask anyone to help you…the language barrier makes things difficult.

One day and one step at a time…I know I will get the hang of it just like everyone before me has.


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