from work to animals lives

Nothing too exciting has been going on here lately.  I am still working on getting my jeans made.  Six pairs have been cut and are waiting to be sewn, and the other four are still having patterns made for them.  I’ve been hunting for trims, and dyeing leg panels to test the colors that I am considering.  I’ve also been working on prints.  I sent a really cute girly print to the Printing guy this afternoon so by next week that should be done.

Yesterday I went to have some pattern pieces printed on, and I was expecting the usual “very busy, two days” response when I ask how long it will take…but the guy walked me into the printing factory and did it for me right then and there.  I followed him to the drying machine and he handed me the pieces…the burning hot pieces, youch!  But it was so good to encounter such a quick process.  Timelines I am given are often pushed back, and everyone else encounters delays and things being lost.  One of my patterns was lost yesterday and the guy in charge of fabric cutting was telling me that it was still in production but I had already seen all 4 complete myself.  You kind of have to just stand there so they’ll pay attention to what you need…if you were to leave, it’d be forgotten about.

I am Jessica #2 at Beximco.  The other one is a full time employee for Yellow upstairs in the Design Studio.

Some people here, don’t see me as an American right off the bat.  I’ve had two people tell me I look European, and two other people asked me if I were German.  I like that, I suppose to people outside of the States…I don’t look like a typical American girl.

I’ve started to crave different foods.  Surprisingly a lot of those are healthy foods, as well.  I eat junk food back at home, so it’s interesting that I am not craving that as much as I am healthy snacks.  The meals here are all the same, and I am starting to get really tired of it.  Lunch at work is always a variation of the same thing: soup, rice, chicken, beef, shrimp, and vegetables.

Two weeks from now, we will be heading to the airport for our 2.5 hour flight to Thailand.  We will be there for 8 days total, half spent in Bangkok and half in Phuket.  The reason we have a week off of work is because of Eid.  It’s a Muslim festival about sacrifice…and animals are going to be sacrificed.  Sarah was telling us about it.  The animal you buy for your home is equal to how much money you have…it goes from the richest having camels, bulls, and cows…the the poorest having goats.  They’re tied outside of apartment buildings and decorated with garlands and such…and then they are all killed and their meat is collected.  So it’s not really a good time to be hanging around, unless blood and dead animals in the streets doesn’t bother you.  Speaking of which, a couple of days ago on our way to work I was looking out the window like normal, and I saw a cow being skinned on the side of the road.  That was a little “in your face”.  My first thought was about how a PETA person would react.  They’d be horrified here!  Seeing a truck full of cows, or chickens piled up in a basket…it’s no secret where they are going or what is in store for them.


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