fun at work

So the power went out not once, not twice…but three times today.  Two times in the morning and once a bit before 5pm.  The sun started going down so everyone from sampling was out sitting in the grass or on the road…and everyone from design studio was either outside or sitting around in the lobby area.  It was dark so the only way to really recognize anyone was by their voice.  Thankfully, cell phones here are made with flashlights in them…so we were using those to clean up and whatnot…because by 6pm…it was clear the power wasn’t coming back so we all started getting ready to leave.  I walked into the bathroom with my cell phone and felt something run into my foot (keep in mind, I wear sandals daily).  My first thought was that it was a spider I had seen earlier, so I was shining my light to find out…and saw a dark shape moving along the floor.  It looked like a lizard, so I got closer and quickly realized it was a mouse.  It was panicking in the dark and I was going to open the door but it ran that same direction and ended up running over my foot…my exposed foot.  I’m not scared of mice, but how much that one was jumping and how it would not run AWAY from me…did startle me and cause me to get out of there asap.

For some reason the mosquito’s here love me.  I was sitting in the dark and all of a sudden my feet got really itchy.  I’d been bitten 3-4 times.  This happens almost every day at work now and it is so uncomfortable and irritating.


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