There is a store here called Aarong, that Melissa and I went to this afternoon.  It was a bit difficult to get there…our weekend driver doesn’t know the area very well and can’t read English or speak much at all, so I called the store and tried to have them direct him over the phone.  For some reason he then tried to drop us off at a shooting club.  We asked the guard if he knew where the store was, and he was able to direct our driver.  The store has so much!  I am definitely going to do some serious Christmas shopping there.  I went a little crazy today…I spent about $60 on myself.  I got more bangles, earrings, two embroidered pieces, a jute owl for my room (hey, it was only about 70 cents!), a knit top/dress, and a salwar kameez.  That is a full-on Bengali outfit.  It’s a set…including matching tunic, pants, and scarf.  I actually really love it…I got a red one (not the above pictured one), with yellow scarf.  I was expecting the pants to be an issue, since I am so tall here…but they are made super long.  They’re really large at the waist…drawstring…and really tight at the ankle.  This is an example of one:

Looking at the saris is fun too…they are beautiful, but I don’t think that’s something I would wear at home…or even here.  All it is, is a big rectangle of fabric though, so maybe I’ll get one just to cut apart and sew with…because the fabrics are really nice.

They sell pure silver jewelry there….and pearls!  The silver is more expensive of course, so I stuck with brass today…but maybe later on if I’ve got the extra money I’ll get myself something in silver.  I tried on a princess jasmine-style choker…they were really pretty but so small.

When we were at the counter checking out, I felt someone touch my arm and my first thought was that some weirdo was behind me.  I turned around and it was a little baby girl in her moms arms.  She was fascinated with my skin color, she kept grabbing at my arm…and actually pinching me which hurt!  She had quite a grip on her…she was very cute though and it made both her mother and I smile.

In a little over an hour we are heading out to a rooftop party.  Currently it is raining….so….haha, not quite sure what is going to happen with that.  When we got back today we found out that we have access to our own roof as well.  So I plan on getting up early one morning to get some pictures of the city!


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