green oranges

Did you know that oranges are not all orange?  I didn’t.  The reason they turn orange is because of the cool weather.  In countries where there is no cool weather…they never turn orange.  So I’ve been eating green oranges.  They are still orange inside, and taste pretty much the same…the only difference is the skin color and the fact that they are so much easier to peel.

The rooftop party last weekend was a lot of fun.  My roommates and I, were 3 of the last 7 people to leave.  I was able to quit being shy and danced kind of a lot.  It took a few drinks to get me there, but I stopped caring that I looked stupid…and believe me, I look VERY stupid when I dance…I have absolutely no skills.

My samples started coming back this week, so it was fun to see how everything turned out.  I didn’t complete all 10 by the time the buyers came, but I had 4 that were complete…and I was happy with those four.  It was a very large group that came…they were around yesterday and today.  The head of the design studio asked me to attend a dinner for the buyers last night after work.  So we left work early and I was dropped off at the CEO’s house, thinking I was late…but I ended up being the first person there.  Shortly after, the buyers arrived and I was overloaded with names to try to remember (there were maybe 15 of them).  We all just sat and chatted for awhile (it was just me and the CEO…none of the other people from work had arrived yet), and I was able to make a connection for when I am back in the States…which is really great.  There was a woman from San Francisco as well that I got to talk with.  Everyone was so friendly, and I was surprised by how “at home” I felt…being surrounded by Americans again.  A few more people from work came and we all ate dinner, and after the buyers left…I was given a tour of the home and we all sat and listened to stories and past experiences of the CEO.  He’s a really nice guy, he wanted me to invite the other interns to come as well but I wasn’t able to get through to them.  One of the servers who was working there, is one that works at the guesthouse at work…so we see him for lunch everyday.  It was a bit funny, because he was acting really happy to see me…but at work, I think he hates us.  He regularly doesn’t bring us stuff we ask for, and just his attitude…you can tell he’s not happy when he’s helping us.  There’s only one server at the guesthouse that I like…he is so nice, always smiling, and just seems like a very genuine person.

After the buyers left work today, my boss was telling me what changes to make to my designs and seemed to be in a pretty good mood so I think his meeting went well.  The only thing I am getting anxious about is that I now have a hard deadline…all the changes have to be done before I leave for Thailand.  It is possible, the only problem is the workers don’t work hard for interns.  If one of the fulltime people goes to them…they’ll get everything done right away…but when people who they don’t know that well come in and try to have things done…it can be a hassle.  I’m thankful that I only have to focus on four designs right now…if I had finished all ten and had to complete all ten in a week…I would feel way overwhelmed.

The dyeing and washing is the most fun thing to play around with, I think.  Raw denim is so gross, and feels like sandpaper…but once you wash it, it totally transforms.

Besides work, we’ve all been trying to get ready for Halloween.  There are numerous parties going on tomorrow night.  There are no costume shops here, and stores are closed by the time we get home…so we have to do it completely DIY.  My roommates and I are all working with the same thing…white fabric.  They made togas, while I just made a bunch of strips of fabric…I’m going to be a mummy and I am excited.  I made a prototype…

I never shared the name I chose for this monster.  She is Barsha!  It means “monsoon”…that’s how I entered Bangladesh so it was fitting.

P.S. Happy Diwali!  It’s the festival of lights in India.  I only know about it because a friend at work is from India, and now I understand why all the commercials would mention Diwali.  I wish it were celebrated here as well, it must be so pretty with lights everywhere!


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