time to flee the country

Eid begins this weekend…which means it is time to leave!  The cows are being shipped into the city by the truckload.  We asked our driver how much a cow would cost and he said they are from 20,000 to 35,000 Taka…just depends on size I guess.  Sarah was telling us that apparently, the night before they are slaughtered…all the cows begin to moo, like they know what’s coming.

We’ve decided to leave our trip to Thailand as is…despite the flooding.  We’ve found a new hotel that is not affected, but we booked one night so that we can decide what we want to do when we get there…whether we want to go to Phuket sooner, or not.  We’ll be leaving work soon, stopping for pizza, and then home to pack and tonight we head to the airport!

Speaking of work…I’ve made my deadline; or I should say I will make it!  I was getting really worried because I kept being told that things would take longer than they did.  I was able to get it all done though, and without having to yell or be mean to anyone which I was afraid I was going to end up having to.  Right now, the last 5 pairs of pants are in the sampling room having studs & buttons put on, and then being measured.  I can pick them up pretty soon.  There are changes I will be making for the final samples, but I am happy with how everything is coming along.  I was able to put the Arizona brand buttons on these ones, and I have prints I developed as pocket linings, which are pretty cute if I say so myself!


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