We got off work on Wednesday, went home and packed…then headed to the airport for our 3:15 am flight to Bangkok.  We arrived around 7 am, and couldn’t check into our hotel until noon so we walked around, had some (much needed) Starbucks, and checked out some hostels.  We are in a really nice hotel at the moment, but we are switching to hostels to save money.

We had foot massages, which everybody enjoyed except for me.  The other girls were falling asleep during theirs, and they’re planning to go back.  I on the other hand, have decided that I have no need to ever experience that again in my life.  I have some bruises on my legs already, but I noticed today I have about 4 new ones.  It was painful, that’s all I can say about that.  After we walked out, I noticed that I had a new rash on my arm as well…I had an allergic reaction to something, and just felt really gross after that.

We then were walking around all the stalls at night, trying to haggle and get some small trinkets…(it’s funny how sex toys and porn are sold right next to normal things: clothes, jewelry, etc).  We stopped in Subway, and on the way in, all of a sudden there were people behind me crowding trying to get in, and I felt someone moving my purse.  I grabbed it and saw that it had been opened, thank God nothing was missing….but at that point, I was over the day.


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