enjoying bangkok

Last night the owner of the hostel we’re at and a guy who lives here invited us to go to this club with them: Route 66.  We took one of the pink Thai cabs to get there, and met some of their friends and got some drinks before heading to the dance floor.  It was so much fun, my confidence has been able to grow so much during my time away…I wouldn’t dare dance back in California.  I know I’m not great but I enjoy it, and that’s all it’s about anyway.

Today we just hung out around this area.  We sat by the pool that we are not allowed to use…it belongs to another place but they didn’t mind us sitting out.  I am so looking forward to Phuket and the beach.  I was able to buy myself a new bathing suit that is really nice, and I went for one that is outside of my comfort zone.  I’m trying to push myself here and quick being so self conscious.  We have two more days in Bangkok before we fly out.  Tomorrow we are going to the weekend market where we’ll get to see all the handicrafts and jewelry and whatnot.  So far the places we’ve been shopping have been a bit pricey.  I’m used to Dhaka where I can get everything for dirt cheap.  My money is going a lot faster than I expected here.

I bought myself two pairs of contacts today.  They make you look anime, heh…I had to have the woman put one pair in for me…I could not get them in!  That pair is dark purple and make my eyes look huge and DARK…a little strange to look at myself like that.  The other pair I got is a bit more subtle….I’ll attempt those in Phuket.

In regards to the flooding in Bangkok…it’s all North and around the river which runs through the city.  Where we are there is absolutely no sign of any water…but they are preparing for it, sand bags are all over.  A lot of the tourist spots are closed…such as temples and the floating market…but there are still other options.  It’s so interesting to see how distorted the news around the world makes it look here.  According to the news outside of Thailand…basically it’s dangerous to come here and everything is all washed away…but it’s not like that at all.  I’m not diminishing the damage that’s happened and the lives lost…but it is not how it’s being depicted…and speaking with some of the residents here; the areas affected were purposefully affected.  The water was directed where it ended up…it was to keep the financial & business areas clear of water.

I enjoy the people here.  I think Thai women are really pretty, and they always seem to dress up.  90% of the time, we see them in heels….and the style here is interesting.  They like cutesy stuff, which (even for me!) is a bit too much sometimes….coming from a western perspective.  I’ve seen shirts with basically a stuffed animal sewn to the front, ha.  They have a lot of really nice clothing too though, I wish I could wear half the things they did.  We can wear normal clothes here too!  I’ve been wearing shorts which, in Dhaka would be a huge no-no.  The people don’t stare at us here, or even give us a second look.  I don’t feel like I stand out as much, and that’s nice.  I don’t feel judgement constantly coming at me.  It’s amazing how much can change with just a little distance.


3 thoughts on “enjoying bangkok

    1. Dear Jessica, we are heading to Bangkok next month. Good to know that it is still good to get around. How bad is the river? Can we still use the express boats? How is the palace?

      1. We used skytrain with no problems…we didn’t visit the palace…but our temple tour was perfectly fine…able to reach every place without flooding.

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