flood waters

We encountered the flood today.  We went to the weekend market and were met with streets that just recently had filled with water.  The market was on the other side of the road, so we had to go through the water to get there.  I’ve wondered before why people go barefoot in floods, but now I know…because I did the same thing!  It’s just so much easier to walk barefoot…my flip flops fell off, and I saw a random shoe floating in the water.  Because of the water, not many stalls were open at the market.

One thing I like about being in Asia, is that I don’t have to feel weird being so fair skinned.  That’s what is desired here.  When I was getting a manicure/pedicure…the woman touched my leg and was commenting on my skin color and saying how I can wear any color because of it.  Today at the market as well…some women were speaking about my skin tone as all of us were in their stall.  At home, everyone wants to be dark and tan, so I stand out as the pale girl.  Here everyone wants to have lighter skin…the tv ads all show products for lightening skin tone, and it’s hard to find things such as lotion…without the lightening products in it.  Interesting differences.


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