4 nights in bangkok

The thing I’d have to say that I enjoyed the most during my time in Thailand; was the food.  I’d forgotten how much I missed that familiar food, from home.  We had Starbucks, McDonald’s, Burger King…and also a lot of street food.  The street food was good and super affordable….60 baht for a meal and drink, that’s two dollars.

We mostly relaxed, shopped, and wandered around Bangkok.  Most of the tourist places were shut down because of the flooding.  We had intended to go back for an extra day after we went to Phuket, but the water was beginning to come inward into the city so we opted to just go home after Phuket.  On our last day in Bangkok, Melissa, Ritah and I went on a tour of some temples.  It was so beautiful, I loved all the architecture and colors. One thing I didn’t know going into the country was that they have a king…and I was surprised to find out how LOVED he is by his people.  He began his reign at the age of twenty!  He’s in his 80’s now.  But the people truly love and care for him…I thought that was awesome.

I paid 100 baht to release these turtles.  They were adorable, I had to!  I’m sure they fish them out to do the same thing again…but oh well.  They had weird little pointy noses…cute!

It was such an amazing place and I for sure want to go back in the future.  The people were so kind and…the best way I could describe them is that they were soft spoken and gentle.  No one was loud or annoying…like typical people you come across in America.  And everyone bows…I think that’s such humble custom and it’s beautiful.  The only downside that I saw from my time in Thailand was the sex tourism.  We encountered that in Phuket which is a huge tourist spot.  We went out one night and were sitting at the bar and there was an old white guy next to us with a young Thai girl.  And in the street we kept being bombarded with people showing us the rates and trying to get us to go see the gogo/ping pong shows.  Don’t ask…it’s just women taking weird things out of places that they shouldn’t be!!  We did not see it…haha, no!  But we heard things.

I have about 700 pictures that I took during my time there, so I will be adding a lot to my flickr account when I’ve got extra time…so look out for that!


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