We ended up only having one full day in Phuket.  We spent most of that day at the beach.  I think the one day was enough for the beach, because we all got a bit too much sun.  I wish we had been able to go to the zoo, or to see the elephants there as well.  There is a lot of really nice things to see and do there…it’s a shame we didn’t get to explore more.  Either way though, it was still a nice time.

I went hunting for a disposable waterproof camera after we went in the water the first time.  I had to use the last of my baht to pay for it, but it was a must.  That is something I need to invest in later on…either a case for my camera or a digital waterproof camera.

The day we left…we had until 2pm until we had to get to the airport so we did our last shopping for random souvenirs/gifts.

Leaving Phuket was hard…watching this out of the plane, all I could think was how we were leaving paradise.  It was gorgeous from the sky.

We couldn’t fly directly home from Phuket, so we had about 4 hours in the Bangkok airport.  Using up the last of our baht, getting the last food that we wanted (Starbucks & Burger King). I don’t think any of us realized how much we needed a break from Dhaka.  I think we became accustomed to so many things here, and it wasn’t until we were away from it that we realized how bad it can be.  We were rudely welcomed back in the Bangladesh airport.  It was a horrible way to come back, it was 3am and we were all very angry within 4 minutes of getting off the plane.  At immigration, there were four lines for Bangladeshi people…and one for foreigners.  For some reason, one of the men working in the foreigner box decided that he no longer wanted to help us and he started waving the locals over and helping them instead.  Ritah said something to him but it didn’t do any good, he just started laughing.  In the end of it, I was helped by someone in the Bangladeshi line.  It was very frustrating to say the least.  I am not a confrontational person at all, but I was ready to go yell at him to demand him to stamp my passport…the only reason I didn’t was because there was a man in line in front of me.


One thought on “phuket

  1. Hi Jessica –

    Sorry you only had a single day in Phuket –
    I’ve been 4 times and have stayed in about 8 different beach locations/hotels.

    If you return to Phuket – for a hotel try the Dusit Laguna on Bangtao Beach. There’s a place right next door for elephant rides, or you can see and have your pictures taken with the baby elephant which they brought out on to the beach every other day at 4:00 PM.


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