last minute

Things change at the last minute here all the time.  I’m someone that likes to plan ahead so it takes some getting used to!  Last night we had no plan, but as we were leaving work…two of our friends invited us to go get dinner to celebrate Thanksgiving.  It was going to be a group of people and by the time we got home, it was down to five of us…me and the roommates, plus Emmad and Ambel.  Melissa and I were the only Americans in the group and we were perfectly fine with it, so we had Mexican!  I’ve been wanting to have Mexican food since I’ve gotten here, and I’ve done plenty of talking about it.  After dinner we ended up at the American Club to have drinks and hang out with everyone.  We played some pool (I even got in on it…but pre-warned everyone that I am terrible), and ended up being the very last people to leave.

Today I was totally exhausted, I didn’t get enough sleep…so I was dragging through the whole day.  We went to check on our shoes and they were not done…surprise surprise…so we’ve canceled the orders and told the guy to give us our money back.  Of course he has an excuse for why he cannot give us the money now….issue after issue, I don’t know how he keeps any business.  We went to Aarong again as well, and I bought some Christmas gifts and a leather bag for myself.  In about 30 minutes we are going to go to an Indian restaurant for dinner, and then who knows what afterward.  But as usual…the night is just starting.


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