the countdown begins

I’m down to two weekends left in Dhaka.  There’s a party next weekend that sounds like a lot of fun, so the roomies and I are going to try to get into that (it’s a glow party…glow sticks! Fun!).  I want to go have henna done on my hands too if we’ve got the time.

Yesterday Melissa, Ritah and I went to a nice Indian Restaurant.  That was my first real Indian cuisine experience.  It was good and thankfully I got a dish that wasn’t too spicy.  I just had steamed rice with cottage cheese dumplings in a tomato gravy/sauce.  We met up with friends afterward and hung out until the wee hours of the morning.  We all had a good time, I even got a chance to talk to someone about California…one of the guys from Sri Lanka…he went to Chico State!

I’ve mastered the Asian peace sign pose for photos.  I do it ALL the time…it’s become automatic and kind of ridiculous, I have no idea why/when it became the only thing I do when the camera is pointed at me.

I haven’t decided yet if I’m more excited or sad to go home.  I am excited to see my friends and family again, and to experience cold weather and the holiday season…but I am sad to leave the friends I’ve made here.  My life here is completely different than it is in California.  At home I would do so much by myself and wouldn’t go out or hang out with people that often…here I am always with other people and there is always something going on.  It will be an adjustment getting back into the swing of things and stepping back into the life I left in America.


10 thoughts on “the countdown begins

    1. I did enjoy my time here…we’re living in Gulshan-2…which turned out to be the perfect place…so close to everything!

      1. Our house is in the 90’s…not telling you exactly where. 😛 I’ve been over to road 33 a few times tho…it’s weird how close everything is here.

  1. It is, isn’t it! 😀 90’s…hmm…that’s like 10 roads that fall under that! 😛 Lol! We should’ve talked earlier I guess. What are you doing here in Dhaka…forgot to ask! 🙂

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