food poisoning

There’s something going on in the intern house right now…all of us are sick with one thing or another.  Ritah has been having flu symptoms since the beginning of last weekend, I got food poisoning yesterday, and now Melissa just called me and said she’s on her way home, and is going to a clinic because she’s not feeling well.  I don’t think we all have the same thing, the last thing we all ate together was that Indian food, but Melissa and I were fine yesterday.  The only thing I ate yesterday was KFC, and I started feeling sick early this morning so I’m sure that’s what caused my issues.  The person I ate with is fine, so I know exactly what it was because I only had one thing different than him.

I first got up around 5 am, and as I was walking back to bed I saw something on the floor.  The cockroach that has been hiding itself from me for a week.  So disgusting…and to make it worse it was fast and kept disappearing.  I got the only things I had to try and capture it…air freshener spray and a garbage can lid.  Took a bit, but as of right now….it’s sitting under the can lid, under a bottle of water to weigh it down.  I’m not really sure what to do with it now, it’s gonna dart out and hide if I lift it up.

I got an email from home as well that our dog isn’t going to be around when I get back.  So basically I was a mess all morning, stayed home from work…slept all day; I’m just now starting to feel better.  I’m finally eating/drinking something.  Should be able to work tomorrow with no problem, which is good because I have things to do/finish up.

EDIT: Turns out it was the Indian food afterall.  I didn’t even realize but Ritah stayed home from work today as well.  It took awhile to affect Melissa and I which is weird….but we’re all having similar problems.  We all had gotten our own separate meals so the only thing I can think is that it was the ice for our drinks.  That’s the only thing we all shared.


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