I just went to washing to pick up/drop off samples…and I sat in the car for maybe 5 minutes waiting to get back to the design studio…and in that time I was molested by mosquitoes.  It’s such a horrible feeling, itching everywhere…I’ve covered the bites in Cortizone 10 which has always worked before but right now it is not working fast enough.  I can’t stand it!!  I put bug spray on today as well.  It’s so stupid, bug spray does nothing here.  Sometimes I use it daily, sometimes I don’t use it at all…and whether I do or don’t has never affected me getting bit/how many bites I’d get.  It makes NO difference!

Today has been just annoying for the most part.  I am ready to go home (1 hour), eat my top ramen, and sleep.  I’ve been able to get work done today, that part is good…I’ve got 5 samples sitting next to me, complete…and one that just needs buttons & rivets put on.  But something was said to me today that is sticking and that on top of another comment that was made a week ago…I’m over it and really just want to be left alone right now.

I found out this morning as well that I can’t stay in New York on my way home as I’d planned.  The person I was going to go with can’t afford it.  I can’t afford it either but I was going to make it happen, because this is going to be my only chance for awhile…since I’m not paying for these flights.  I really wanted to see Christmas in NYC.  I thought about doing it alone, but in a city that big…having no idea where anything is…I think it’d be too hard.  Just means I’ll have to wait a bit longer to cross that off my bucket list: Visit New York in the winter.


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