late nights & early days

There is going to be a hartal on Sunday, so we won’t be going to work.  The roommates and I have decided to go in on Saturday for a couple hours, just to make sure things are getting done…I just have things to pick up from sampling.  All of my samples are complete…I’m just doing some last minute prints, and one last extra pair of pants to play around with.

Last night I went out without my roommates, and I felt like I was missing that safety net that I always have with them around.  I went to the IC (International Club) with someone to meet up with friends.  It felt a little awkward at first because I was sitting on the end and was outside of the conversations going on…but I was sitting near a guy who owns a dance studio and this girl came over to talk to him, and we ended up talking and because we are both American, there was an instant connection.  She’s lived in Dhaka for three years…since she married her husband, but she is from New York.  We were both so excited to meet each other, and she introduced me to her husband…and the plan was for me to go home at midnight…but she invited us to their home for a night cap, and of course we went.  We’ve decided that we are new BFFs, and she has joined the bandwagon of people trying to convince me to come back.  I got to experience my first taste of Christmas 2011 at her house…she had her tree up!

I ended up getting home around 3am…not a big deal except for when you’ve got work the next day!  She’s invited me to her rooftop party next weekend and I promised to go and bring my roommates along…very excited for that.  She is supposed to cook us dinner next week as well…I was so glad to meet her!  Especially now…things at work have gotten very weird.  Basically Ritah, Melissa, and I have been black-listed.  We aren’t invited out by coworkers anymore, simply because we associate with someone that they don’t like.  We didn’t choose a side, which is upsetting people.  The only thing I have to say about the whole situation is…we are going to go where we are invited/wanted.  We are going to a party tomorrow that we were invited to…no one at work invited us to the party they are going to, but I guess we were supposed to decline and sit at home doing nothing…just to prove our loyalty or something.  Having friends outside of the work circle has turned out to be a very good/essential thing. We only have a number of chances left to see friends…so we are just focusing on them and trying to stay away from the drama.

I can’t believe how soon I fly out…I have to start my packing soon.  I need to book my flight from JFK, and start the leaving process with HR at work.  My mind is going to be all over the place when I get home.  People want me to come back and the things they’re saying make sense.  I’m going to have a lot to think about.


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