sample sales

There were two sample sales today…the last being an H&M one.  Everything, 150 taka (2 dollars)….it was insane!  We got there before the doors open, and as they were opened…mob…people pushing and shoving.  I found a spot at a table and started digging…I snagged 12 items.  Most everything was size 38 (US 8 – my size!).  I was standing next to a woman who had her baby with her…on her back!  She kept acting like she was a responsible parent by yelling at people who pushed her from behind, but honestly…she put her child in danger bringing her there, and putting her on her back no less.  I was separated from the roommates and people from work, and I heard someone call my name…it was one of my friends and I followed him over a wall thing to get to the other side of a table to dig some more.  We saw everyone we know there…the guys weren’t able to buy much though…it was mostly womens and kids clothing.

I have 4 new knit sweaters from today…and one of the ones from H&M is SO nice, I am going to be wearing it non-stop.  I also got a pair of pants that are a-mah-zing….I am hardcore in love with them.  There is only one issue now…I have to pack everything.


7 thoughts on “sample sales

  1. Cute pants! The mob sounds like the ones in the states on Black Friday when the stores open. Glad there was no pepper spray used by someone!

  2. Awesome! I wish stores here would hold crazy sales like that…but then again I hate waiting in super long lines.

      1. Levi’s needs to have a sale like that then..GAP too..I’d love to pay 10 bucks for a pair of jeans and what not.

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