glow party

The glow party was so much fun this past weekend.  We were able to forget the drama that was surrounding the whole thing and enjoyed our time with everyone.  The three of us (Melissa, Ritah, and I) are all leaving within the next few weeks so if people have a problem with us being friends with people they dislike…we aren’t even gonna worry about it.  We’ve found a group of people we enjoy spending time with, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  As is typical for the weekends…we were out until the sun came up.  We ended the night at the Westin again for food.  I was brought over to the counter and guess who was there with her husband?  Tasmia!  That’s the new BFF.

I booked my flight from JFK to SFO this morning.  Tuesday at 2pm…I’ll be stepping back onto California ground.  I’ve started rolling my clothes to pack…this is going to be a problem!  I have so much stuff now…I’ll be leaving some things behind I think.  I was thinking that I’m going to make a small list to leave for future interns.  Just letting them know where to shop, where to eat…things that I would have loved to know coming in.

Only one more weekend left!!  8 days….


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