won’t forget

“I’ll never forget your smiling face”

I went to HR this afternoon to give them my ticket information for my flight from JFK to SFO, and the guy who handles the reimbursements was writing stuff down on my print out and when he was writing my name he asked if people at home call me Jess or Jessie…and then he said that. ^ The people in HR are so nice, but that was the sweetest thing anyone’s said to me here.  So even though I am very quiet (which he pointed out; as many people do)…I do make an impression at the least.  I went with my roommates and as we walked in the head guy said “Hi Jessica and everyone else”…even though I walked in behind them…this is typical.  For some reason the people here like me.  I’m not complaining, it’s very nice that I don’t just disappear into the background like I normally do.  Even if I try to stay in the shadows, they can still see me.

I met some new people last night…another person from California too, which is always awesome.  It was pretty much a couples dinner…I was brought to be introduced to friends.  Afterward when it was time to go home…I made a new friend on the street.  I normally don’t like the dogs here…they are dirty and ugly…but this one stood out to me, I had to play with him.  He was so sweet and happy, jumping up and wagging his tail.


2 thoughts on “won’t forget

  1. Hi Jessica, it’s Uncle Doug and Aunt Teresa. Looks like you are having a great time! We look forward to hearing about your adventures the next time we see you.

    Doug and Teresa

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