last step

I only have one more day of work before I fly out.  All of my samples & prints are done, I’ve taken pictures of them all…so now I am just waiting for the people who work in washing to email me the recipes for the washes I used.  Then I can print that all out and fill out the tags, then hand everything off to my boss.  After that, the last thing to do is turn in my phone & name tag, collect my last pay, and set up a driver to take me to the airport.

I’ve basically finished packing my large suitcase…just the small one left.  I actually think I am going to be able to fit most everything which is awesome!  There is a new roommate coming on Saturday…so I’ll get to meet her just in time to say hello and goodbye all at once.  My last days here are already planned out for the most part, and are going to be pretty jam-packed.  I am happy about that.  Tonight we are going to Tasmia’s party, tomorrow night is a party at the American club, and Saturday night we are doing a movie night.  During the day this weekend, we are doing some shopping, pampering, and errands.  Sunday night is my last night and last day of work, so I think we’ll be going out to dinner…and Monday afternoon I’ll be going to lunch with a special someone.

It is a bit hard to believe that by this time next week, I will be back in the States.  Just 4 days left now…


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