last night

Last night was the last party that I will get to go to here in Bangladesh.  It was at the American club, and I got to see everyone which was great.  Sadly the night wasn’t all good…I enjoyed it…but it came with a lot of bad as well.  I am thankful for both the good and the bad, thankful for the bad because it makes going home to California easier.  Everything was going great until I went to the bathroom…I came out and while I was in there…my camera had been dunked in the pool.  The person holding it was pulled in, with his phone, wallet, and everything.  It’s currently sitting in a tub of rice…I tried it this morning and it won’t turn on.  His phone worked sort of this morning so I am hoping my camera will work again soon.  I’ll be really sad if I can’t take any last pictures here.  If you know me at all, you know how precious my cameras are to me.  I was being attacked by mosquitoes at this point also…the other Jessica took me inside to get away from them for awhile.  We made a beautiful drawing of them being killed, together.

After that, we went back out and I just enjoyed the rest of the night and let the whole camera thing go.  Me and Jessica attacked the cake, it was so good.  Another person told me I was German…that’s what everyone here thinks I am.  People don’t think I’m from America…it’s so weird to me.  When we were getting ready to leave, we were all walking toward the entrance and one of my roommates started yelling at me.  It was over the house key.  I ignored her and when we got outside she kept yelling and by that point I started yelling back.  I had to walk away, we couldn’t get into the same car. I’m just thankful that there was someone there for me last night who let me vent to him…little things have been adding up over the past few weeks and I’ve been bottling it all up…as I tend to do.

I’ll upload some pictures from last night a bit later…I’m off to the DVD store…and then I’m going to pack.  I think we are having a movie night at our friends house again…then it’s work tomorrow…and that’s it…I’m done.


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