when did my life become song lyrics?

I was going to title this post “Last Friday Night”…the Katy Perry song came into my head.  I also found out last night that when the whole camera ordeal took place; my friend Nash asked me what I wanted to do…expecting an answer along the lines of “I’m pissed, I want to confront that girl”…but my response was (Rihanna reference coming….) “I just wanna dance!”  Haha!!  That is such a ridiculous response but it is so me.  You’d never believe it, but I have grown to love dancing.  I’ve given up on trying to look good, I just look ridiculous and have a great time.

Dinner last night was really nice…it was so great to see everyone one last time.  We ate at an Italian restaurant in the Westin on the 23rd floor (we had no idea it was there until last night), afterward we went out on the balcony and it was foggy and just a great view.  One of the girls I just recently met (she’s an intern at a garment factory as well, but her internship lasts a year!) told me that she was told “you cry when you come to Bangladesh, and you cry when you leave”…which is a very true statement.  I really am going to miss it here, more than I ever expected to.  I came into the country and felt disconnected and really alone….but now I feel like I have a family here and a place to belong.  The country isn’t so scary anymore…it feels like home.


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