I got home at 2pm on Tuesday, after flying for about 26 hours.  At the airport in Dhaka, if you’re not flying…you have to pay for a visitor ticket to go in…so I had to leave my friends outside and walk in by myself.  Goodbyes were abrupt and basically sucked.  There was a guy helping me get to the Emirates gate and it was assumed that I was going to tip him…which I did, then he pointed out another guy who was nearby and said “This is my friend”….”Ok”…and I walked away with my bags.  He was trying to imply that I should give the other guy money too.  I went to the counter, had my bags weighed…and one of them was too heavy.  I had to take things out in order to get it to a weight that was acceptable to pay the extra weight fee for.  So I was sitting on the ground with people staring at me, moving stuff around, shoving stuff into my backpack/purse…etc.  I was starting to panic because I didn’t know what time it was or how long until I had to board the flight so I grabbed whatever I could find that was heavy and gave it to the woman at the counter and told her to dispose of it.  I emptied about 12 pounds and still had to pay $250 for an overweight bag.  Soon enough after getting on the plane my stomach started hurting pretty badly and that stayed with me the whole way home.  It’s been three days and I am still trying to recover from that.  I haven’t been able to eat any of the food I’ve been looking forward to yet.

My first American experience in New York went much better than I had expected.  I thought I was going to encounter rude people, but everyone I personally dealt with was very friendly and nice.  I even got to cut in line in front of everyone at immigration since my SFO flight was within 3 hours of when we had landed.  It was so nice to hear so many American accents all around me, I could understand everyone no problem…I have missed that so much.

My camera is completely dead.  I had my video camera with me, so I was able to get pictures on my last day still…but the quality of those are not very good.  But either way; here are a few of those:

And the first view of my beautiful California.


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