quick drive

I felt like driving today so I went toward the city and ended up going through and stopping at the Golden Gate bridge.  There weren’t very many people out at all, so it was nice.  After that I looped around and hit the Richmond bridge to head home.  I finally took my cash to the bank, and then got my fast food bacon hamburger fix at Wendy’s.  I’ve been really bad with the unpacking…that’s my task for tomorrow.  It’s amazing to see how little 3 months is worth.  I mean; I did come home with an overweight bag, so yes I did have a lot of stuff…but at the same time, when I am looking at everything sitting on the floor it just looks like so little.  I keep looking at it thinking “3 months?”  Anyway, here are some pictures from the day [and the new camera].

I left Norbert in Dhaka, so Barsha is my new car buddy.


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