christmas lights

I finished my gift shopping today.  I didn’t have much to do since I bought most everything in Bangladesh, so it was pretty painless.  I didn’t have to face too many crowds or lines.  So, tomorrow I will be wrapping everything…and then cleaning for the most part.  My dads side of the family will be coming over on Christmas day, plus I just need to clean my room anyway.  I’ve been putting everything away and I have way too many clothes now.  I don’t have enough hangers for everything, so I think I need to go through and select stuff to give to Goodwill.  I’ve gotten a lot better at getting rid of things.  I used to get so attached to everything, or would find significance in so many things that I hung onto stuff I really didn’t need to.

It still doesn’t feel like Christmas is two days away.  Maybe it’s because I wasn’t thrust into Christmas mode two months ago by all the retail stores here.  Tomorrow night I’ll be going to the city and I’ll get to see all the neat decorations and everything so I am excited for that.  Plus I get to give someone a present and that’s always fun.

My mom and I went to look at Christmas lights tonight, which we do every year now.  We don’t put lights on our house, so it’s fun to see what everyone else does to decorate.


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