anthropologie & birthdays

I filled out the paperwork last week to go back to my job here.  I was expecting to be scheduled this week but I wasn’t.  So I got an extra vacation week!  I spent most of it cleaning my room…heavy duty cleaning.  I went through everything in my closet and threw away about half of it…and separated a bunch of stuff to donate to Goodwill.  It felt really good to get that stuff out of here.  Next, I’m going to hit my desk…lot’s of stuff I could get rid of here too.

I went to Anthropologie today.  I got a coupon since it’s my birthday month.  I bought a tank top, and a scarf.  I think that has to be my favorite store, for browsing and getting inspiration.  I feel like my own design work lines up so much with their aesthetic.  And yes…I already applied to work for the URBN company…didn’t get past the first interview.  I tried on a sweater that was just so nice…it was crazy soft(hanging in the back in the picture)…handmade, and on sale for $50, from $250…but it just didn’t wow me when I had it on.

I’m excited for my birthday this year.  The past couple of years I went off on my own to celebrate by just seeing/exploring a part of California that I hadn’t been to before.  I’m not exactly sure what I’m doing this year except that I’m going somewhere…just this time I’m not going alone.  The original plan was to go snowboarding, which I’ve never tried before…think it would be so much fun…but California is being lame and there is barely any snow anywhere so unless a storm comes through within the next two weeks…that won’t work.  So I need to start thinking of other options.  Cannot believe I am going to be 27 so soon!


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