phones and prayers

I’m pretty behind when it comes to technology…I got my first smartphone last month.  I still use pay as you go service from AT&T, which technically you’re not supposed to be able to use on an iPhone…but there are ways around that.  I am still a paying AT&T customer so it’s pretty ridiculous that they try to govern that so much…but ANYWAY.  Bruce gave me his old unused iPhone, which has been awesome and I love it.  I doubt I would blog from it, but it is an option and I do have the app.  I check my stats on it, and that allows me to see silly stuff like this:

Another thing Bruce gave me; was a reason to pull some of my prayers out of my prayer box.  A prayer box is pretty much exactly what you would think it is…a place to write down and keep prayers until you receive an answer to them.  It’s been awhile since I’ve really felt that God has been active in my life.  But since I’ve been home from Bangladesh…I’ve been feeling that more.  I don’t pray very often, but I can say that in most cases the times I have prayed and gotten answers…they’ve come in ways I did not expect…meaning that the answer was above and beyond what I prayed for.  Right now I feel like that is the case as well, and it’s because this person came into my life (Yes, I took this while sitting in a tree).


2 thoughts on “phones and prayers

  1. I love seeing the picture of this mysterious man, and I am fascinated also by the textures and shadows of the background.

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