giraffe plushie

I have a commissioned monster plush to work on, so yesterday I went to the fabric store to get some things I needed for that.  While I was browsing, a giraffe print caught my eye…so I decided I needed to make a giraffe.  I used the same “pattern” I’ve been using for all of the monsters I’ve made…just changed the legs and added a tail.  I’ve made 8 of these guys in total, and I’ve yet to get bored or tired of it.  Since I make each one individually with it’s own personality…it’s new every time and it is fun.  My pattern is in my head, I don’t have an actual pattern…I just lay the fabric out and cut it.  That’s how I used to work before I went to school…and that’s the most enjoyable for me, since it’s not about perfection…it’s just about expression and freedom.

I made a new Etsy account last week…I am planning on setting that up to sell the monsters on.  This will most likely be my first listing.



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